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No Seminars... No Teaching... We Facilitate... Participants Learn!

Seminars, of any length, seldom change behavior. Research has consistently proven that behavioral change only occurs after multiple exposures to information. With the Leadership Dynamics Group employee and management training process participants donít just learn about ways to fine tune their skills Ė they actually put the learning process into practical application throughout the length of each program.  They retain, internalize, and implement the concepts that will make them an even better leader.

Participants actually begin the behavior change by applying new techniques in the workplace, and are held accountable for their progress on a weekly basis. Since the process is introduced over several weeks there are benefits such as:
Time commitments are minimal
Assignments are completed quickly
New behaviors are immediately applied in daily activities
Training is conveniently conducted on-site
The Process:

Prior to the start of each program, we meet with the “boss” to establish the objectives the group is to accomplish.
Next, we meet with each participant individually to determine their particular goals, and ensure those goals fit with the overall objective of the organization.
Class is limited to 15 individuals thus providing personalized facilitation and attention to each participant.
A Kickoff Session is held to explain the overall process, generate group enthusiasm, create accountability and distribute the program material.
Commence weekly, action-oriented sessions where participants begin immediate application of learned techniques.
Individual accountability is established while tracking measurable progress toward their pre-determined goals.
Via the facilitator, the “boss” receives a weekly report from each participant describing what the participant has accomplished. The mid-term and final evaluations are forwarded to the “boss”.
The facilitator also submits a weekly progress report to the “boss” which provides timely, relevant information.
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