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For nearly 40 years Leadership Dynamics Group has helped individuals develop their leadership and management talents and abilities to their full potential. Each weekly, action-oriented. on-site session fine tunes strengths and offers innovative ideas for other areas that can be implemented immediately.

Listed below are Leadership Dynamics Group programs with a brief description of what is offered. Please Email us for more information.

Effective Personal Productivity [EPP]
Effective Supervisory Management [ESM]
Effective Management Development [EMD]
Effective Personal Leadership [EPL]
Effective Communications [EC]
Effective Personal Management [EPM]
Effective Team Development [ETD]

All participants in the above Programs receive the My-Tyme®Success Planner™ (Click to read more), a multi-faceted system that helps you become proactive, not reactive, in every aspect of your life.  You'll always know what to do next . . .  in your career, with your family, for yourself, and for your future. 


Effective Personal Productivity is a program designed to help individuals increase personal and team productivity. It will help you:

  • Identify high payoff activities
  • Increase productivity through efficient resource utilization
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Cope with interruptions
  • Develop team players through delegation
  • Set goals and achieve results
  • Establish and manage priorities

Click Here to see an example of some of the topics covered in this program.

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Effective Supervisory Management is an extremely effective curriculum for new supervisors, managers, or those who want to brush up on their leadership skills. This program will help them:

  • Learn the art of delegation and giving direction
  • Accomplish more through time management
  • Coach, counsel and discipline effectively
  • Minimize or prevent employee relations issues
  • Train and motivate employees to a higher level of productivity
  • Fine tune communication skills
  • Recognize and reward top performers
  • Focus on achieving measurable results

Click Here to see an example of some of the topics covered in this nine week, two hours per week program.

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This program is designed to enhance the performance of every manager, from the most experienced to the recently promoted. Leadership Dynamics Group’s Effective Management Development will help them:

  • Clarify goals and determine priorities
  • Improve communication skills
  • Balance authority and power with responsibility
  • Crystallize high payoff activities
  • Cope with change and stress constructively
  • Develop a dynamic decision making strategy

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Effective Personal Leadership program helps each participant become a leader and practitioner of the type of goal-setting that produces concrete benefits in their personal and professional life. Leadership Dynamics Group’s EPL program helps people:

  • Recognize untapped potential
  • Identify attitudes needed for greater fulfillment
  • Make choices for success by overcoming past conditioning
  • Develop a written and specific plan of action for success
  • Identify and achieve their most important goals
  • Clarify their life purpose and live in harmony with their values

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This is a skill-building program that effectively eliminates poor communications which plague organizations and cost millions in lost productivity. The curriculum is designed to assist in solving communication problems through oral, nonverbal and written communications. Leadership Dynamics Group’s Effective Comunication program will help people:

  • Improve communication skills and overcome common barriers
  • Understand styles of behavior and various ways of communicating
  • Learn the art of active listening
  • Solve problems through communication
  • Improve writing skills
  • Become highly articulate in group communication processes

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The purpose of the Effective Personal Management program is to help individuals spend fewer hours at the office, and yet be more productive. This is a particularly results oriented program for Executive Assistants, Secretaries and key employees in your organization who desire to improve their skills working with others. Through the use of the Leadership Dynamics Group “My-Tyme” personal success planner and five action-packed, interactive sessions we help individuals spend more quality time at work so they can enjoy more quantity time for other activities. Leadership Dynamics Group’s EPM will help people:

  • Increase productivity by 15-20%
  • Be more proactive and less crisis oriented
  • Manage all commitments so everything is accomplished
  • Find at least 30 minutes each day to invest in high payoff activities
  • Manage their time better
  • Achieve meaningful goals

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The Effective Team Development program helps integrate all of your present efforts to build and maintain an effective employee force. The goal is to have your employees' attitudes and habits work for them, not against them. ETD is a tool for team formation and goal-setting, a vehicle to develop a consistent message to an entire organization that management believes in them and a catalyst for change. Leadership Dynamics Group's ETD will help people:

  • Develop goals at all levels of the organization 
  • Provide personal insight for the participants 
  • Bring a group of people closer together 
  • Create a shared understanding of an individual's role in the organization 

Click Here to see an example of some of the topics covered in this program.

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