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A Customized Leadership Program For The Transit Industry


Are your transit managers performing as well as you want them to do?
Are they trained in the soft skills of leadership that is so essential today?
Are all the managers staying in their High Payoff Activities?
Are they holding their employees accountable?
Is it time for management and leadership training that is transit specific?

To keep the public transportation systems operating takes a dedicated and skilled group of transit employees. Those employees, and the riding patrons, rely on trained leaders from first line supervisors up to the chief executive officer to ensure productivity and performance measurements are achieved.

Those leaders are made, not born. There is no understanding of formal leadership without first the development of ones personal leadership.

Successful personal leadership is defined as the progressive realization of worthwhile, predetermined, personal goals. It is that ability of individuals to pursue and achieve according to the plan they have designed for themselves.

Everyday, in transit organizations around the nation, people show up for work. They arrive with the ambitions and pressures of their personal lives and strive to focus on the demands of their jobs. Effective leaders blend the two motivations into one dynamic direction and build a results-based culture of excellence and achievement.

People who want to be a leader set goals to learn the best way to motivate others, communicate clearly, set measurable goals and instill confidence. 

To help leaders achieve those characteristics of leadership we have the Transit Supervisory Management Program that covers such topics as those listed on the table (Click Here for List of Topics), using certified, experienced facilitators who have worked with hundreds of transit managers in this program.

The programs can be provided on site or through long distance learning.  There are eight sessions plus a kick-off session.  Not more than 12 people will be in any on site class, and those sessions will last for two hours once a week.

Long distance learning classes will have the same total sessions of nine while the length of each session will depend on the number of participants.  We prefer not more than five participants in the long distance learning sessions.  

Professional Managerial Certifications for the Transportation Industry are available through our affiliate APTREX  (American Public Transit Exams) Institute

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